First KAMMP International Conference

Theme: MODERN DAY MEDICINE AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS - "Aligning Medical Practice with Shariah"

Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Professionals (KAMMP) is an independent organization that prides itself in reaching the underprivileged citizens in need. KAMMP aims at alleviating peoples suffering, reaching where most health professionals wouldn’t as well as helping its members grow. The conference under the theme modern day medicine and ethical dilemmas, aligning medical practice with shariah, isn’t just the first in KAMMP but the first of its kind. Medical ethics doesn’t receive its deserved attention, yet health care proffesinals have to make ethical decisions on a daily basis. By integrating religious and medical speakers the conference aims to highlight on major ethical dilemmas in the light of the Islamic shariah.

Conference Themes

  • End of life care/Organ Donation/Advance Directives
  • Diabetes and Fasting
  • FGM
  • Muslim Nurses – Ethical Dilemmas/Challenges
  • Challenges facing medical students in training
  • Lab topic - Cervical Cancer screening
  • Contraceptive use
  • Infertility in Islam
  • Medical Insurance  
  • Salah (prayers) during illness
  • Medical Errors – Islamic perspective
  • Universal Health Coverage
  • Public Health topic
  • Tea Break
  • Breast Cancer
  • Ibadah in Medical Practice
  • Advances in Surgery 


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