Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Professionals

Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Professionals

 The Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Professionals (KAMMP): an independent, professional, charitable, not-for–profit, non-political and educational organization comprising of healthcare workers in Kenya from different fields and cadres. It was established in 1998 and is registered with the Kenya Registrar’s of societies. Its members include a wide range of Health care professionals in Kenya from different Cadres, different fields, and professional bodies such as Kenya Association of Physicians (KAP), Kenya Paediatric Association (KPA), Surgical Society of Kenya (SSK), Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK), Kenya Dental Association (KDA), Kenya Clinical Officers Association (KCOA), National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK) among many others from both public and private health facilities and industries.



All these cadres have come under the umbrella of this organization on a voluntery basis, for the sole purpose of building brotherhood within the ummah through various outreach programs to the community, as well as enhancing professional development and provide a networking platform among healthcare workers and stakeholders to improve healthcare and service delivery, both nationally and globally. The heterogeneous composition of its members encourages a multidisciplinary approach to the management of our patients and communities.


KAMMP is a member of the Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA) and World Islamic Health Union (WIHU) which work in close liaison with the UN and WHO. Its manpower is derived from volunteering by its members to provide services to the community as well as the whole humanity in general.

Guiding Principles

Voluntarism and Team Work

KAMMP activities are not prompted by desire for gain or political recognition.


Helping all in need of medical care regardless of race, religion, status or political affiliation.


Giving dignified care to all people at all times under all circumstances.


To keep in confidence any information gained from patients and communities in line with hypocratical oath.


  • To harness the power of volunteer medics and the generosity of donors in responding to emerging medical needs.
  • Provide charitable quality healthcare to the vulnerable population.
  • To build capacity of members through provision of scholarships, trainings, and workshops
  • To liase and work with humanitarian organizations with similar vision globally


  • More energized, collaborative and robust approach to KAMMP activities
  • Visibility and timely response to emergency situations
  • Planning a foundation for financial independence of KAMMP
  • Activities done have been effective.


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