Who We Are

The Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Professional (KAMMP) registered in 1998, is an organization comprising of over 500 members from different fields and cadres of Healthcare Professionals, who have come under this organization for the sole purpose of alleviating health and socials needs of humanity through outreach programs as well as education and training.

KAMMP is a member of the Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA) and World Islamic Health Union (WIHU) which work in close liaison with the UN and WHO. Its manpower is derived from volunteering by its members to provide services to the community as well as the whole humanity in general.

All these professionals have come under the umbrella of this organization on a voluntary basis, for the purpose of building brotherhood within the Ummah through various outreach programs to the community, as well as enhancing professional development and providing a networking platform to improve healthcare and service delivery, both nationally and globally.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional, wholistic medical care through promoting professional excellence and well being of the Society in accordance with Islamic principles values and ethics

Our Vision

To promote unity and welfare of Muslim Medical Professionals and foster positive change in Kenya’s medical landscape

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Joining the Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Professionals (KAMMP) is not just a membership; it’s a commitment to community, professional growth, and a network of like-minded individuals. Established and registered in 1998, KAMMP serves as a bridge, connecting Muslim healthcare professionals across various cadres.

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to give back to the community, and attend targeted trainings per cadre.

You also get a chance to participate in team building activities that foster collaboration and mutual support.

KAMMP places a strong emphasis on members’ welfare, offering special discounts on professional indemnity and motor cover.

Beyond that, membership opens doors to investment opportunities, creating a platform for both personal and professional development.

By joining KAMMP, you become part of a dedicated, non-profit organization that not only values your skills and expertise but also provides a platform for meaningful contributions to the community and your professional journey.

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KSH 6000/= Per Year

Registrars, Medical/Dental Officers, Pharmacist

KSH 4000/= Per Year

Nurses Clinical Officers, Allied Health Professionals

KSH 2000/= Per Year

Student Fee

KSH 500/= Per Year